Gallery1 – Sand Dunes

About Sand dunes

As a student, in my diploma, i have to present works of abstract art, no iconic works mead in the studio of school and have not any representation. That was very boring and also very difficult task for .

So i began to search for my topics in the countryside, a place witch inspired me and teaching me how the world seams to look while i focus to him. I search what ever would be represented in an abstract way.

One day i was noticing a yard with building materials and my eyes just stopped to a sand-dune. So this was it. That was an abstractive subject that didn’t picture anything but filled up the painting with an abstractive form. Meanwhile this sand-dunes was a realistic depiction because i was painting my subject in a realistic manner but the subject it self was also abstractive. That was a great challenge for me to change this monotonous subject in to an interesting one.

Through this works, i found out that there are not a insignificant pictures in the world because a subject it’s not boring by itself but because people consider it as boring.